Ionic Foot Baths

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  • 21 Mar, 2017

Ionic Foot Baths

Ionic Foot Baths and How It Works...

The ionic foot bath is a system used to detoxify the body using a process of osmosis/electrolysis to move particles through a membrane from an area of lower concentration to an area of greater concentration. The water in the foot bath contains ions that have a positive or negative charge, which causes them to establish an electrostatic field that attracts and neutralizes oppositely charged particles and pulls them out of the body via osmosis.

Detoxification in this manner stems back thousands of years to Eastern Indian traditions of Ayer Vedic medicine, using concentrated sea salt baths to draw out impurities in the body. The electrical charge of the foot baths may also stimulate acupuncture points, especially relating to the kidney and liver which may further aid detoxification mechanisms.

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