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By The Admin 06 Oct, 2017

Andrea Trescot, MD, Interventional Pain physician practicing with MediCenter’s Specialty Clinic has been recognized by the World Institute of Pain(WIP) as a Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist (CIPS). This designation has been earned by less than 20 interventional pain physicians in the world and represents an exceptional level of competence in ultrasound guided interventions including injections, nerve ablations and regenerative medicine techniques.

The CIPS is awarded to physicians who undergo a rigorous examination that includes successfully diagnosing complex pain syndromes and demonstrating appropriate interventions in a cadaver lab under the critical eye of the WIP’s most accomplished practitioner/examiners.

Dr. Trescot has practiced in Alaska for the past 5 years and is currently the President of the Alaska Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. She has been a professor and pain fellowship director at the University of Washington and the University of Florida and has served as the President of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, the Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine and has been a board member of the World Institute of Pain. Her recently published medical textbook ‘Peripheral Nerve Entrapments: Clinical Diagnosis and Management’ (Springer) has received critical acclaim and rounds out her over 200 peer reviewed publications.

Schedule a consultation with MediCenter Pain Management by calling to schedule an appointment at 283-9110.

Learn more about her by reading her biography by clicking on the following Link.  

By The Admin 27 Sep, 2017
From beginner athletes to elite professionals, massage therapy has shown to have major benefits regardless of the participant's fitness level. Athletes seeking enhanced performance, improved conditioning, faster recovery, injury prevention and assistance in maintaining peak fitness can benefit from massage therapy.  

Massage has been shown to have myriad positive effects including:

  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Helping athletes monitor muscle tone
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Improving soft tissue function
  • Decreasing muscle stiffness and fatigue after exercise
  • Improving exercise performance
  • Decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Reducing swelling
  • Reducing breathing pattern disorders
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Helping prevent injuries

By combining your exercise routine with massage therapy, you will be able to train longer and harder and make the most of your workout. Not convinced? Research some of your favorite world-class athletes, and you're likely to see that a massage therapist is a key component of their strength and stamina  routine.

What about Arthritis, Massage & Mobility?

For  Americans who suffer from arthritis, simply getting outside to enjoy fresh air is no easy task. Luckily, massage therapy may have the answer. A recent study found that massage therapy was able to reduce arthritis related pain. Research published by the Touch Research Institute shows that massage therapy can decrease pain and increase mobility in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

How to Find a Trusted Massage Therapist?

Members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) are the most trusted massage therapists  in the United States.

Learn more about Beka Smith, PTA, LMT, BA by visiting

One 30 Minute Session is $40  

One 60 minute session is $80

Gift Certificates are available at the front desk.

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MediCenter Allergy Care is introducing Sublingual Immunotherapy. 

Johns Hopkins Medicine has experienced success with this therapy and has seen allergy drops as an innovative alternative to allergy shots.    Unlike injection Immunotherapy, which is given as shots, sublingual Immunotherapy is given as drops under the tongue. Sublingual Immunotherapy is a different approach with allergic disease as it targets with treatment the root cause, not just the symptoms.  Once tolerance is built, it can be permanent for many patients.Sublingual Immunotherapy can be an effective treatment option for millions suffering from environmental allergies.

Insurance covers this service and we offer discounted rates if you do not have insurance.  

MediCenter has this therapy offered at MediCenter North.  Calling MediCenter Allergy Care at 907-283-9116 and schedule an appointment with Jared Wallace, Certified Physician Assistant and Allergy Specialist.

To learn more about our provider Jared Wallace PA-C, click on the following webpage

By The Admin 29 Aug, 2017
We are proud to be   in-network provides for most insurance plans.   We accept most insurances.

As a courtesy to all of our patients, we will verify your health benefits prior to your arrival to determine if there will be a copay, deductible, or coinsurance for therapy services. 

If you are a same day walk-in, our clinic insurance specialist will gladly verify your coverage and out of pocket expenses prior to starting treatment.

Using insurance is easy, and we’re here to help!

For those patients who do not have health insurance or those who have maxed out their benefits, we offer a private pay discount with easy, affordable payment options.

Call the MediCenter to schedule an appointment at 283-9118 or look us up on the web at

You can view our providers biographies at

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MYTH:  It's too expensive. 

FACT:  Massage Therapy comes in a wide variety of costs.  Your insurance may cover massage for you, whether it's as a “stand alone” service or part of Physical Therapy.  Some clinics offer special deals (like MediCenter's Mooseage) or punch cards.  Another option is a shorter duration Chair Massage, which is extremely affordable.  


MYTH:  I'm too embarrassed to take off all of my clothes. 

FACT:  The amount of clothing removed for massage is entirely up to you!  Your dignity and comfort is the most important thing to your Massage Therapist. Please notify your him or her if anything about the treatment is awkward for you.  She or he is legally required to keep you safe both physically and emotionally.  

Unfortunately massage has been associated with other illicit business in the past, such as prostitution.  This is highly illegal and will not tolerated by our Alaska State Massage Therapy Board as well as any professional massage organization.  


MYTH:  It will hurt. 

FACT:  The level of discomfort you want to tolerate is entirely up to you as a client.  Your Massage Therapist is specially trained to evaluate this along with your feedback.  It is important that you advise him or her what works for you. More pain is not necessarily more beneficial.  


MYTH:  I don't need it because I don't have any injuries. 

FACT:   For thousands of years, massage has been used for relaxation as well as to treat pain and injuries.  Massage makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, particularly as a reward for a job well done.  


MYTH:  Massages are for hippies and New Agers.   It's too weird for me.

FACT:  Your Massage Therapist cares about how you feel, both physically and emotionally.  Some clients enjoy a more spiritual experience, some do not.  A skilled Massage Therapist will communicate with you, consider your needs, and tailor your experience.  


MYTH:   Massage is not based on science. 

FACT:  Modern massage is backed by evidence based research.  Your Massage Therapist is a trained professional not only in massage but medical pathology regarding a myriad of clinical conditions.  Massage Therapists must complete specialized instruction, exhibit their professional competence, and be licensed by her or his state Massage Therapy Board in order to offer their services.

Learn more about Beka Smith, PTA, LMT, BA by visiting

One 30 Minute Session is $40  

One 60 minute session is $80

Gift Certificates are available at the front desk.

Call us at 283-9110 to schedule today!

By The Admin 21 Mar, 2017

Ionic Foot Baths and How It Works...

The ionic foot bath is a system used to detoxify the body using a process of osmosis/electrolysis to move particles through a membrane from an area of lower concentration to an area of greater concentration. The water in the foot bath contains ions that have a positive or negative charge, which causes them to establish an electrostatic field that attracts and neutralizes oppositely charged particles and pulls them out of the body via osmosis.

Detoxification in this manner stems back thousands of years to Eastern Indian traditions of Ayer Vedic medicine, using concentrated sea salt baths to draw out impurities in the body. The electrical charge of the foot baths may also stimulate acupuncture points, especially relating to the kidney and liver which may further aid detoxification mechanisms.

Come try an Ionic Foot Bath at MediCenter Integrative Clinic today! 

Call 283-9119 to schedule.

By The Admin 03 Mar, 2017
Integrative Medicine uses certain modalities to improve the physical health of our patients.  One of these modalities is EWOT or Exercise with Oxygen Therapy.

What is EWOT?

The EWOT is surprisingly simple. All it involves is breathing high levels of oxygen while exercising. The higher oxygen level in the lungs creates a greater head of pressure to drive oxygen into the pulmonary capillaries. The exercise moves the circulation much faster, ensuring a greater oxygen carriage. Initially, the oxygen pressure in the veins rises, as more oxygen is getting through to the venous side, but it is this oxygen that allows the capillaries to repair the transfer mechanism. Once the mechanism is fixed, more oxygen can diffuse through the capillary wall to oxygen-thirsty tissues. This transfer of oxygen from the blood to the cells is perhaps the most significant underlying factor in whether you live a healthy life or not. The more damaged the transfer mechanism becomes the more likely you will become ill. This is why you are more susceptible to illness as you age.

 How many times a week do I need to do this?

Only 15 minutes a day can help you feel better and fight back against chronic disease.

How might the EWOT Therapy benefit my health?

Some affects you might see:

  • Decrease in systemic inflammation.
  • Increase in energy.
  • Increased circulation especially to the legs and feet for diabetics.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • De-acidifying the body and improving alkalinity.
  • Anti-aging effects on the body by improving the function of cellular enzymes and cell metabolism.
  • Protect the body from cancer and also as an adjuvant treatment to cancer, helping to decrease the toxic effects of chemo and radiation and increase the body's energy.
  • Improve weight loss and help the body to burn fat.

How do I Schedule for this therapy?

Talk with Dr. Carlson or Leah by calling 907-283-9119 and scheduling a consultation.  
By The Admin 10 Feb, 2017

What is Ozone and what does it do?

Ozone is O3 (3 oxygen atoms combined) and forms an energetic molecule that readily donates its third oxygen atom to free radicals that are usually causing damage to our bodies through oxidation. If there is Ozone present in our bodies then the oxidation damage caused by these free radicals is halted.

Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells. These cells protect the body from viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer. If deprived of oxygen, these cells malfunction. They fail to eliminate invaders and even turn against normal, healthy cells (allergic reactions).

Top 10 Benefits of Ozone:

  • Ozone strengthens your immune system
  • Ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact
  • Ozone increases the oxygen level of your cells
  • Ozone detoxifies your body
  • Ozone reduces inflammation
  • Ozone has been known to kill HIV
  • Ozone can kill cancer cells
  • Ozone is anti-aging
  • Ozone increases energy
  • Ozone reduces acidity

Ways to get Ozone into your body:

  • Drinking Ozonated Water
  • IV Therapies (UBIT)
  • Injection
  • Rectally/Vaginally  

Speak to your provider about the benefits Ozone can provide you in your treatment plan.  

Call us at 907-283-9110 to schedule an appointment.

By The Admin 14 Dec, 2016

What’s a HEP? It stands for Home Exercise Program

 A HEP is prescribed by a medical professional, often a Physical Therapist .   It is a highly specific, individualized movement program that is made to treat your pain or difficulty with daily activities.   Think of it as your prescription to help you solve your problem.


Why can’t I just do my own thing? Of course you can do your own workout!  Consistent physical activity is essential to good health. There’s a long list of benefits including reducing cardiovascular and cancer risk, controlling, weight, improving emotional health, and decreased fall hazard.   The difficulties caused by a sedentary lifestyle are many, too numerous to discuss here.  


But not all workouts are created equal. A workout shouldn’t contribute to the pain or symptoms that you already have. A Physical Therapist is precisely trained to diagnose your problem, design an action plan, and assist you in learning new movement patterns. Targeted training for specific muscle groups is essential to solve your problem.


A Physical Therapist is also qualified to train you in proper form for exercise. Physical activity without correct form could be hazardous. For example, squats are a wonderful exercise for the muscles of your legs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Done correctly, they can help prevent knee and back pain. Squats are also a great tool for helping the elderly arise from a seated position. On the other hand, when performed incorrectly, squats can cause permanent injury to your knees, back, neck, and hips.  Why take a risk when you can ask an expert? We are here to help you!


What happens when you are prescribed a HEP? You and our Physical Therapist , Leon Richard DPT, will sit down and discuss the issues that brought you to Physical Therapy. He is a doctor of Physical Therapy and he will prescribe a specific program for you.


Yes, Leon prescribes treatment just like a doctor prescribes medication. Think of movement as medication for your condition. He puts together your program and then prints the program for your usage. Then you both will discuss and do the exercises together in order to ensure you clearly understand how to do your exercise. Leon will answer any questions you have regarding your prescription, or HEP. No question is silly or stupid. He is here to help you feel better, and talking about your HEP is part of this process.


Like any other prescription, there are specific expectations regarding your responsibilities. You are responsible to do the exercises as often and precisely as you are able. You should contact our office if HEP increases your pain. Effort is required during this process, but it will not be superhuman. We do our jobs because we like to help you feel better. Then you can return to the activities that you love.


Come to MediCenter Physical Therapy today. We would love to be your new medical home!

Call us at 283-9110 to schedule a visit.  We can see most patients with a referral, same day.

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