Common Myths about Massage Therapy

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  • 18 Aug, 2017


MYTH:  It's too expensive. 

FACT:  Massage Therapy comes in a wide variety of costs.  Your insurance may cover massage for you, whether it's as a “stand alone” service or part of Physical Therapy.  Some clinics offer special deals (like MediCenter's Mooseage) or punch cards.  Another option is a shorter duration Chair Massage, which is extremely affordable.  


MYTH:  I'm too embarrassed to take off all of my clothes. 

FACT:  The amount of clothing removed for massage is entirely up to you!  Your dignity and comfort is the most important thing to your Massage Therapist. Please notify your him or her if anything about the treatment is awkward for you.  She or he is legally required to keep you safe both physically and emotionally.  

Unfortunately massage has been associated with other illicit business in the past, such as prostitution.  This is highly illegal and will not tolerated by our Alaska State Massage Therapy Board as well as any professional massage organization.  


MYTH:  It will hurt. 

FACT:  The level of discomfort you want to tolerate is entirely up to you as a client.  Your Massage Therapist is specially trained to evaluate this along with your feedback.  It is important that you advise him or her what works for you. More pain is not necessarily more beneficial.  


MYTH:  I don't need it because I don't have any injuries. 

FACT:   For thousands of years, massage has been used for relaxation as well as to treat pain and injuries.  Massage makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, particularly as a reward for a job well done.  


MYTH:  Massages are for hippies and New Agers.   It's too weird for me.

FACT:  Your Massage Therapist cares about how you feel, both physically and emotionally.  Some clients enjoy a more spiritual experience, some do not.  A skilled Massage Therapist will communicate with you, consider your needs, and tailor your experience.  


MYTH:   Massage is not based on science. 

FACT:  Modern massage is backed by evidence based research.  Your Massage Therapist is a trained professional not only in massage but medical pathology regarding a myriad of clinical conditions.  Massage Therapists must complete specialized instruction, exhibit their professional competence, and be licensed by her or his state Massage Therapy Board in order to offer their services.

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