EWOT - Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

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  • 03 Mar, 2017
Integrative Medicine uses certain modalities to improve the physical health of our patients.  One of these modalities is EWOT or Exercise with Oxygen Therapy.

What is EWOT?

The EWOT is surprisingly simple. All it involves is breathing high levels of oxygen while exercising. The higher oxygen level in the lungs creates a greater head of pressure to drive oxygen into the pulmonary capillaries. The exercise moves the circulation much faster, ensuring a greater oxygen carriage. Initially, the oxygen pressure in the veins rises, as more oxygen is getting through to the venous side, but it is this oxygen that allows the capillaries to repair the transfer mechanism. Once the mechanism is fixed, more oxygen can diffuse through the capillary wall to oxygen-thirsty tissues. This transfer of oxygen from the blood to the cells is perhaps the most significant underlying factor in whether you live a healthy life or not. The more damaged the transfer mechanism becomes the more likely you will become ill. This is why you are more susceptible to illness as you age.

 How many times a week do I need to do this?

Only 15 minutes a day can help you feel better and fight back against chronic disease.

How might the EWOT Therapy benefit my health?

Some affects you might see:

  • Decrease in systemic inflammation.
  • Increase in energy.
  • Increased circulation especially to the legs and feet for diabetics.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • De-acidifying the body and improving alkalinity.
  • Anti-aging effects on the body by improving the function of cellular enzymes and cell metabolism.
  • Protect the body from cancer and also as an adjuvant treatment to cancer, helping to decrease the toxic effects of chemo and radiation and increase the body's energy.
  • Improve weight loss and help the body to burn fat.

How do I Schedule for this therapy?

Talk with Dr. Carlson or Leah by calling 907-283-9119 and scheduling a consultation.  
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