Fallen Arches

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  • 09 Jan, 2018

Local Podiatrist Dr. Jeff Carlson, DPM serving Kenai, Soldotna, and Homer.

A common condition we see at MediCenter Specialties Podiatry Clinic is fallen arches . In a normal foot, the bottom of the foot should have a slight arch to it. This arch is made by numerous tendons and other connective tissue. When the arch is fallen, this leads to flat feet. Flat feet can be caused by several issues. The tendons in the foot can be over-used, irregular since birth, or the foot may have experienced damage that has caused the arch to fall. Other factors include age and obesity. Having flat feet can be extremely painful. Even after only mild standing, your feet can tire easily and ache with swelling and pain in legs, heel and lower back.

Diagnosing fallen arches is easy and noninvasive. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms or would like to have your arches looked at, give our office a call today at (907) 283-9110 to set up an appointment. 

Custom orthotics are often the best solution to the problem of fallen arches. Our doctors can also advise you of stretches and other treatment options to help ease the aches of fallen arches.

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