Giving Back

Our community involvement in Kenai and around the world

Aside from striving to serve our community with high quality healthcare, and reaching out to the medically under-served, our MediCenter team is proud to be involved in many key parts of our community, hoping to help make it a better, safer, and healthier place for years to come. While our Providers at the MediCenter have been fortunate to participate in medical missions across the world, including places like Honduras, Africa, Brazil, Europe, and even Russia, we are acutely aware of the medical need and medically under-served part of our great community on the Kenai Peninsula.
Oval of words in regards to community involvement and giving back

Happy to support a community we are proud to serve.

Whether by participating in free medical clinics for the community (screening for all kinds of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer), or by participating in our “Neighbor to Neighbor Clinic” (where patients without ability to pay are able to be seen in the early morning and are then asked to give service to others in the community in place of paying should they meet specific criteria and are able to do so), all of MediCenter Providers and Staff are actively striving to fill the gap in healthcare and “take care of our own” here on the Peninsula.

Each year, the MediCenter team donates Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars worth of healthcare to the Kenai Peninsula Community alone.

Our involvement and healthcare programs. 

Some of these activities in which we strive to be actively involved in are:
  • Scouting
  • Donating medical cares
  • Grade school physicals for sports
  • Sponsoring school athletic programs
  • Public health fares and clinics
  • Medical internships
  • Community outreach programs

Reach out to us

Should you be seeking aid or assistance in any worthy cause trying to better our community, please don’t hesitate to call and speak with our Administrative Team at the MediCenter, and if we are able, we would love to help! Call 907-283-9118 and ask to speak with Management.
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