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  • 14 Dec, 2016

You can’t spell HELP without HEP!

What’s a HEP? It stands for Home Exercise Program

 A HEP is prescribed by a medical professional, often a Physical Therapist .   It is a highly specific, individualized movement program that is made to treat your pain or difficulty with daily activities.   Think of it as your prescription to help you solve your problem.


Why can’t I just do my own thing? Of course you can do your own workout!  Consistent physical activity is essential to good health. There’s a long list of benefits including reducing cardiovascular and cancer risk, controlling, weight, improving emotional health, and decreased fall hazard.   The difficulties caused by a sedentary lifestyle are many, too numerous to discuss here.  


But not all workouts are created equal. A workout shouldn’t contribute to the pain or symptoms that you already have. A Physical Therapist is precisely trained to diagnose your problem, design an action plan, and assist you in learning new movement patterns. Targeted training for specific muscle groups is essential to solve your problem.


A Physical Therapist is also qualified to train you in proper form for exercise. Physical activity without correct form could be hazardous. For example, squats are a wonderful exercise for the muscles of your legs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Done correctly, they can help prevent knee and back pain. Squats are also a great tool for helping the elderly arise from a seated position. On the other hand, when performed incorrectly, squats can cause permanent injury to your knees, back, neck, and hips.  Why take a risk when you can ask an expert? We are here to help you!


What happens when you are prescribed a HEP? You and our Physical Therapist , Leon Richard DPT, will sit down and discuss the issues that brought you to Physical Therapy. He is a doctor of Physical Therapy and he will prescribe a specific program for you.


Yes, Leon prescribes treatment just like a doctor prescribes medication. Think of movement as medication for your condition. He puts together your program and then prints the program for your usage. Then you both will discuss and do the exercises together in order to ensure you clearly understand how to do your exercise. Leon will answer any questions you have regarding your prescription, or HEP. No question is silly or stupid. He is here to help you feel better, and talking about your HEP is part of this process.


Like any other prescription, there are specific expectations regarding your responsibilities. You are responsible to do the exercises as often and precisely as you are able. You should contact our office if HEP increases your pain. Effort is required during this process, but it will not be superhuman. We do our jobs because we like to help you feel better. Then you can return to the activities that you love.


Come to MediCenter Physical Therapy today. We would love to be your new medical home!

Call us at 283-9110 to schedule a visit.  We can see most patients with a referral, same day.

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