Start Your Child’s School Year Off on the Right Foot

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  • 09 Jan, 2018

Local Podiatrist Dr. Jeff Carlson, DPM serving Kenai, Soldotna, and Homer.

With school starting back up again, many parents are shopping for back-to-school items for their children. In addition to backpacks, notebooks, and pencils, it is important to make sure your child is wearing good, supportive shoes. If your child’s shoes  are overly worn in any area, or are too tight in any area, it is time to get your child new shoes.

 Since children’s feet  are actively developing, it is important to make sure that shoes fit properly and are not too tight. If you are having trouble determining your child’s shoe size, most shoe stores have devices for measuring shoe size and staff that is trained to use them. Do not hesitate to ask a member of the store staff for help with determining your child’s shoe size. Your child should be standing comfortably in order to get the best measurement. If you find that one of your child’s feet is a little bit larger than the other, do not be alarmed, as this is common. If this is the case, simply make sure to get shoes for the larger foot. It is best to go shopping for shoes later in the day, as feet swell as the day wears on.

Once you have a good fit, make sure to get good shoes. The most important things to look for in a child’s shoe are stiff, supportive heels and flexible soles. Allow your child to walk around in them for a bit to make sure they are comfortable; children’s shoes should not have to be “broken-in”. With these things in mind, you should be able to start your child’s school year off on the right foot. If you have any questions regarding your child’s shoes, do not hesitate to call MediCenter Specialties Podiatry Clinic  at (907) 283-9110. You can also learn more by visiting our website .

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